Sony A6400 lenses buying guide and reviews

The Sony A6400 is a compact and lightweight mirrorless camera with 425 focus points, 24.5 megapixels. With an improved and fast autofocus, it is the right choice for someone looking for high performance for an affordable price; excellent for photography and videos, especially If you do blogging.

This selection of the best lenses for the Sony A6400 will help you choose for your photography or video style.

Sony A6400 lenses

Sony 50mm f / 1.8 OSS

This lens offers exceptionally sharp images with beautiful bokeh, even in low light; Recommended for outdoor because of its focal length. It has optical stabilization, fast and silent autofocus. If yours is portraited photography, this lens will be essential for you.

Sony 18-105 m f / 4 OSS

It is one of the most versatile lenses for the Sony a6400. If you want to do without several glasses, this lens is of the best options, it has a relatively wide focal range, from wide-angle to zoom, it has integrated optical stabilization. This lens does a decent job of photography, and it is handy for video.

Sony 35 mm f / 1.8 OSS

High-speed, compact, lightweight, and precise focus, with integrated optical stabilization. This lens guarantees sharp images; its focal length makes it versatile, and its f / 1.8 aperture allows indoor use, for portraits, street photography, or if you wish to use it for video; It is one of the best lenses for the Sony a6400.

Sony 10-18 mm f / 4 OSS

It is a wide-angle lens, light, and easy to take on a trip because of its size. In addition to being stabilized, it is advantageous if you are a Youtuber or if you want to perform architecture photography.

Sigma 16 mm f / 1.4 DC DN

If you don’t have any problems that the lense is not a stabilizer, you will enjoy one of the sharpest lenses for the Sony at 6400 in the market, the autofocus is high-speed and accurate, with extremely sharp images, it is perfect for landscape photography or architecture, even astrophotography.

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